Ronjas Milly was a brown mackerel tabby Norwegian Forest Cat born on June 10th 1994 in a litter of 3. Her mother was Skovløberen's Sita (aka Ronja) and her Father Tjalfe af Norske Løve.
She was the undisputed queen of our home and almost scaringly human - like old cats often are. But above all she was "mom's cat".
Milly reached the high age of 18 years, 2 months and 12 days before we on August 22nd 2012 had to say goodbye to her because of kidney failure.


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As long as we remember, they will be here with us.

Tjalfe af Norske Løve - Milly's father:

Photo by Marianne & Anders Hvid



Milly on YouTube:
Milly's 18th birthday
Milly's Morning Table

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