Dushara Burning Red Ivanhoe was a ruddy Somali from the Danish breeder Teresa Guldager (in cooperation with Lene Nyvang Petersen). His father was Dushara Picking Up Flirt, his mother Dushara Cheyenn, and he was born on April 21st 2007 in a litter of five - three boys and two girls.

He was a very loving, fearless and intelligent cat and we had high hopes for him. Sadly this was not to be as he developed FIP (incurable peritonitis) and died on March 10th 2008. More about FIP on the Links page.


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photo: Lene Nyvang Petersen

As long as we remember, they will be here with us.



I've written a page about Ivanhoe for the Pictures Of Cats site:
A Victim of FIP

More about FIP on the Links page