Our fairest flowers...

- are Snow White, Rags and Caithlin. Click for larger version

This is a page about the cats of our house - those still with us and those long gone. The site's Danish title means 'fat overfed pampered pets'. Tongue-in-cheek of course, but whenever they make too much trouble, we might call them things like that.

I grew up with cats, so back when when my wife and I shacked up, we were of course soon looking for a cat. We found the orange mixed-breed Rudolf, and he was so gentle and wise, that his successors are still meassured against him.

At the FIFe World Show in Copenhagen 1993 we fell for the huge Maine Coons. We realized however, that this breed was too big for our appartment at the time, so we scaled down a bit and went for Norwegian Forrest Cats instead. Starting with Ronja, who had a litter, from which we kept Milly, who reached the formidable age of 18 years with us.

Later we fell in love with the ruddy Somali cats with their ticked semi-longhair fur and foxlike appearance. They are active and smart and yet extremely affectionate cats, who focus 100% on whatever they are doing. Our wonderful Ivanhoe, who sadly died much too soon, displayed all the merits of his breed, so our next pedigree cat was sure to be another Somali. And as it turned out, Rags had just the personality for out little pride...

We will never ignore the good Danish mixed breed cat, but aim to always have one of them around. Right now it's Snow White, an 8 year old shelter cat, who stood little chance of ever finding a new home, especially compared to the sweet little kittens. She turned out to be a tremendously great cat and has become the princess of our house, receiving all the attention and indulgence, any cat could ever lap up.

About me

My name is Finn Frode Hansen and I live in the outskirts of Copenhagen, Denmark with my wife Lene and our three cats Snehvide (Snow White), Rags and Caithlin. I've been living with cats for most of my life, but it's only during the later years that my 'cat-craze' has really erupted.

I was born 1953 and work at the customer service of the Danish postal service. You won't find me on Facebook or any similar forum, where you have to sign away the rights to your own work, but I can be reached through the adress bottom of the page.

To be honest my initial motivation was to learn about webdesign, HTML and all that stuff and also to create a platform for sharing my cat photos and texts while maintaining the creative rights. But at the end of the day we have had some wonderful cats over the years, all of them worthy of living on in our memories forever. Hence this page.

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